A gentleman’s game


Let’s play cricket, said a pal of mine
Being a gentleman’s game, I said “fine”
So let me explain how this whole mess started
How events took place when my pal departed.

I was approached by a stranger, totally unknown
He had in his hand a bag and cell phone
By way of intoduction he said to me
For some information I give, he’d give me a fee.

What sort of info do you need, I queried,
He looked around, and he got me worried,
I was just here to play my game
Not looking for glory or for fame.

Just tell me how many runs you’ll score
To which I replied “I’ll try a hundred, maybe more”
No, no, he cried I’ve got a present for you,
A hundred thousand, to get out in “two”

I thought he was joking, this stranger was mad,
I better get moving and put on my pad,
Just then he made a call on his phone,
Thank God he and I were alone

For I dread to think what anyone would say
If they heard his phone conversation that day.
He said all was done, and I was party to crime
And a whole lot of rubbish and garbage and slime.

And as he left, he dropped the last shocker
By placing his bag inside my locker
Now that I finished with you, he cried,
I’m off to fix the other side.

The next day’s headlines read in the press,
Our country’s cricket’s is in a royal mess,
For none of our players scored more than two
But you know how it happened, between me and you.

Now eagerly awaiting the next big match
Where I’ll be paid to drop a catch,
In the end it’s the public that would be the fool
They don’t know cricketers graduate from “acting” school.

Sorab Bhathena from Pune, India

The Betrayal

Would I have done anything different?



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